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The DEVELON DD100 Compact Dozer: Power, Efficiency, and Precision in One Package

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October 25, 2023

When it comes to earth-moving equipment, the DEVELON DD100 compact dozer stands out as a true powerhouse in its class. With impressive specifications that include a rated power of 115.3 hp (86 kW) at 2200 rpm, an operating weight of 23,589 lbs (10,700 kg), and a track length of 108 inches (2,737.6 mm), this machine is designed to redefine your expectations of what a compact dozer can do.

Superior Power and Traction

The DEVELON DD100 dozer is engineered to outperform its competitors. With a robust 115.3 net horsepower, it surpasses other dozers in its size class, providing more power to the ground and superior tractive effort. This means you can move more material, tackle tougher jobs, and boost your productivity, all with the agility and efficiency of a compact dozer.

Lower Operating Costs

DEVELON's commitment to cost-effective operation is evident in the design of the DD100's undercarriage system. Dual-flange rollers located outside the chain of the track, along with single-flange rollers inside the chain, ensure the track remains secure, reducing wear and enhancing operator comfort. Maintenance is made convenient, and affordable replacement parts are readily available through your local DEVELON dealer.

Unbeatable Visibility

The DD100 takes operator comfort to a new level with unparalleled visibility. The electronic cooling system has been smartly relocated to the rear of the machine, and there's no precleaner to obstruct your view of the blade. The streamlined design of the front hood and minimized cab pillars maximize the glass area, ensuring that you have an unobstructed view of your working environment. To top it off, the dozer comes with a rearview camera, high-illumination LED lights, and four premium wiper blades as standard features.

Grading Accuracy and Precision

The 6-way variable-angle pitch dozer blade puts you in control, making precision grading and material movement a breeze. Whether you're moving dirt, clay, or other materials, this dozer offers the accuracy and control you need.

Save time, fuel, and maximize productivity with optional 2D and 3D grading technologies. Even novice operators can achieve more work faster and with greater precision. The 2D blade assist function simplifies precision grading, and the dozer is compatible with an optional 3D machine guidance and 3D machine control system that uses GPS coordinates to activate automatic blade movements.

Standard fully electronic hydraulic controls cater to operators of all skill levels, making this machine as easy to operate as it is powerful.

In the world of compact dozers, the DEVELON DD100 sets a new standard. With its remarkable power, efficient design, exceptional visibility, and precision grading capabilities, it's a true game-changer for those who demand the best in earth-moving equipment.