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Inspiring Young Minds at ReadyQuip

ReadyQuip News
October 25, 2023
A day of excitement and exploration unfolded as the wonderful kids from the Été Soleil summer camp, organized by Centre culturel La Ronde , paid a visit to ReadyQuip.
Exploring the world of heavy equipment, these young minds had a blast as they climbed aboard our mighty machines, experiencing what it's like to be real construction enthusiasts.
The highlight? Operating the PONSSE simulator, feeling the thrill of being real loggers navigating the harvester, just like the pros.

Learning through fun, they discovered the magic behind these powerful machines, and who knows, we might have even inspired some future engineers and loggers.
A huge shoutout to the kids and their incredible energy, as well as the team at le Centre Culturel La Ronde for making this day unforgettable.

ReadyQuip is always thrilled to be a part of inspiring young minds a and sharing the wonders of our industry. Here's to many more adventures together!