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04.03.2020 New Ponsse Harvester Head Available now in Canada!

New Ponsse Harvester Head Available Now in North America & Canada!

A harvester head of this size class has never been this versatile. H9 is a processing head, but suits well for felling cutting as well. That type of features are not self-evident, but the PONSSE H9 does not shine with traditionalism, but with an unprecedented wood treatment.



#1 Unique frame design - No compromises, but perfect functionality.

#2 Two options with different frames: with or without top saw.

#3 Tilt is strong, fast and smooth.

#4 Feeding - Same bear-like hug as other Ponsse harvester heads, but the new fourwheel feed geometry of the feed rollers works perfectly with even the largest stems and multi-stemming.

#5 Delimbing - With unprecedented versatility, delimbing blades clean the branches well in both methods, singletree and multi-stemming - even if the thickness varies greatly. The H9 can also be equipped with a rear-delimbing knife.


#6 Sawing - The powerful 60cc saw motor and high precision automation makes the job very smooth.


#7 Seven features above others: Light weight, opening, compact dimensions, knife length, four feed rollers, sawing motor and felling cut features.


#8 Measurement - The measuring wheel is on the same level as the feed rollers, for even more accurate measurements on thin stems. In multi-stemming, the feed rollers do the measurements.


#9 Flexibility - Wide range of options and accessories guarantee that PONSSE H9 meets even the most diverse needs.


All information above and more can be found on the Ponsse Website!

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