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07.02.2019 Gilles Bisson MPP for Timmins, Visits ReadyQuip & Ponsse Simulat

We had another great visit with Gilles Bisson MPP for Timmins, ON. Gilles sat down with our new Ponsse Simulator and Ponsse Trainer Jussi Jurvanen to chat about the opportunities the Ponsse Simulator can bring to forestry operator training development in Northern Ontario!

Thank you again Gilles Bisson and Courtney Laforest for the visit and for sharing your video with us.

Check out their awesome video and message below!

"Technology is advancing very quickly in the forestry and mining sectors. ReadyQuip has made quite the technological investment to ensure contractors in our area receive the best quality of training they can while reducing the wear and tear on their equipment.

Jussi Jurvanen from PONSSE gave me a demonstration on how the simulator purchased by ReadyQuip will teach equipment operators to work more effectively." - Gilles Bisson

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